About us

L1 Renewables has appointed USS Investment Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of USS as its investment manager. USS Investment Management is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
USS Investment Management has substantial experience providing financing to both the utilities sector and a broader range of core infrastructure facilities both in the UK and abroad. USS has provided debt financing to the UK water sector and has a long track record of investing in renewable energy. USS is committed to investing for the long-term and seeks out stable returns, such as loan repayments to match the steady payments we make to pensioners.,
USS is a responsible, long-term investor, having invested in renewable energy and clean tech since 2000 and actively engages with policy makers on the climate change agenda.

L1 Renewable investment examples

Example one
– Portfolio of small – medium size wind turbines (<500kW) spread across sites in England and Scotland
– £10m senior debt facility to refinance the development financing
– 18 year term extended into the merchant tail
– Debt sized based on long-term net P90 energy estimates (after availability) and FiT supported revenue
Example two
– Acquisition of c. £250m portfolio of renewable energy loans comprising of Energy from Waste, Biomass, Onshore Wind and Energy Efficiency technologies
– Projects range from early stage construction to operational assets
– Underlying assets spread across England, Wales and Scotland
– Projects backed by international sponsors as well as local authorities